The Environment and Sustainability


St. Johns Panels Systems Environment & SustainabilityIt is the objective of SJPS to contribute wherever possible to adopt a responsible attitude to protecting the environment. SJPS understands that business success depends upon balancing economic, social and environmental objectives.

At SJPS, sustainability means conducting business in a responsible manner and taking social and environmental responsibility. SJPS provides value and service to our customers by continually developing production efficiencies and minimizing impact to the environment.

As part of this plan we will:

  • Minimize waste, re-use and recycle where ever possible
  • Adopt energy material usage
  • Maintain and improve energy efficient production methods
  • Develop a management system to demonstrate continual improvements in environmental and health and safety performance

This business model has been the foundation of SJPS for over a quarter century. It has generated significant benefits for our employees, customers and community. The SJPS philosophy values long-term strategy with continuously monitored execution.


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